Monday, June 27, 2011

How to Lose Your Kids by Yahya Adel Ibrahim

I read this list about how NOT to treat/raise kids and found myself nodding the whole time thinking I know of this happening to me or others. Time to learn from this list so that we do not do it to our kids Inshallah.!/note.php?note_id=184069844980290

Pt.1: Discipline them in front of other kids. Destroy self-esteem and build resentment towards you. Win Win

Pt.2: Make a decision, Change it, Change back, change to option3 then get angry &yell at them.Let them do it their way.

Pt3: begin smacking them early.Reward their misbehavior with attention yell, scream & argue. Go 2 far &then U APOLOGIZE

Pt4: Focus obsessively on academic progress while neglecting social & spiritual development. Its all ok if you get an A

Pt5:  Give them all they ask for.Pickup after them, don't give them duties / assign them work.U work they Eat,sleep&study

Pt6:  Fear of U supersedes learning from their mistake and developing awe of Allah. Fear U minus Allah => Lie2U &Others

Pt7: If U ask about who/what/when&y they will rebel so just stay quiet& hope for the best..What would the community say

Pt8: Treat Ur children as if they are furniture. Their opinion,feelings&advice is 2ndary. Loving U = Obeying U..quickly

Pt9: Worry about public perceptions more than Allah's Anger.What will they say about us..How can I show my face?

Pt10: Motivate them by reminding them of their failings,mistakes &Ur disappointment.End by comparing them Versus others
Pt11: Ignore ratings for movies&games.TV is a a great teacher&babysitter. Y all the fuss about obesity& ADHD linked 2 TV

Pt12: Highlight other families problems &forget to thank Allah 4 ur fortune;U raised them&deserve the credit, right?

Pt13: When Ur boy starts investigating the other sex, look the other way. If UR daughter does, there is hell to pay.

Pt14: push ur cultural practices as if they are the quran..even if they contradict the sunnah.

Pt15: Tell them things & do the opposite, get angry when they correct you & try to teach U. They're kids - TEACH ME??

Found this list funny and disturbing at the same time. Inshallah Allah (swt) will give us guidance so that our parents and even we will know the correct path to show ourselves and children. Ameen

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